Still Life

Olga Calado - Seashell

Seashell in wet sand, oil painting. The weight of the seashell makes the water create little channels on the sand.

Olga Calado - Seashells

Seashells in dry sand oil painting. On dry sand, the seashells are not sparkly. However, the sand that shines on it is composed in part by little pieces of the inner shell layer.

Olga Calado - Conches

Shell composition for a painting. The seashells are nicer on the inside, this is the nacre that glistens on the dry sand.

Olga Calado - Red and Pink Geraniums
Red and Pink Geraniums

Light blue fabrics, like the sky, with different textures and dimensions of blue hues. Much later painting of similar still life images, blue hues stepped up to dark blue.

Olga Calado - White and Blue Ceramic Bangers
White and Blue Ceramic Bangers

Instead of seashells, ceramic creates a presence, where the ocher is the background and not the colour of the main theme.

Olga Calado - Yellow Wild Flowers
Yellow Wild Flowers

Glass of water oil painting. The blue cloth appears to have more dominance. There is a fusion between the material and immaterial that become one in the glass.

Olga Calado - Blue Still Life
Blue Still Life

Plate and flower oil painting. The blue cloth acquires full presence, the water has disappeared; the still life is about colour.

Olga Calado - Blue Pitcher of Water
Blue Pitcher of Water

Blue glass jar oil painting. Transparencies in the blue of the sky and transparent glass, material and petals. Lemons break this trend for contrast. A very ethereal still life, where lemons represent earth.

Olga Calado - My Blue Vase
My Blue Vase

Blue vase still life oil painting. The blue vase protagonist reins against the white background. Flowers from Nature goes to the foreground only to compete with the colour.