The representation of Art and Nature

The techniques of the Old Masters

About Art

I would like the spectator to perceived from my paintings a conscious sensitivity towards nature; which manifests itself in the form of art. I produce a descriptive style in my paintings to contribute to our ecological awareness. My method is to paint nature using the art techniques of the Old Masters.

I use the old techniques to paint on my canvases. These techniques offer many possibilities to express our natural world. The techniques of the Old Masters teach us how to use different types of layers. Layers are used to create the atmosphere; are used to recreate the colours present in our subjects. These techniques show us how to differentiate the volumes from the shadows; opposite to direct painting, where everything is mixed up.

About Nature in the Urban Context

To help develop the concept of ecological awareness within the urban context, can be challenging. The city offers its own cultural landscape, with people and activities using modern technological advances. Even using the best artistic tradition to inform and raise concerns about the fragility of nature, it can be difficult for people to experience ecological awareness just by looking at art. Art and the connection with the viewer, may arouse some childhood memories which, could awake some slept consciousness.

We live in our world, we must adopt the perspective that we are within its landscape and that we are part of it. As a contemporary artist, I would like to feel specialized in the natural environment and urban art. Promote a better approach to urban circles understanding of ecology. I feel that this is possible. Nature and culture are not mutually exclusive concepts.


Art has the ability to recreate living processes in our natural world, which can produce sensations in ourselves and renew or change our vision of ecology. It is an eco-cultural practice. The idea is to make the inanimate canvas reflect a historical pulse of our time in reference to how we perceive nature. The landscape that I create is a product of our western culture / society. I appreciate that my art reaches the sense of nature to which the viewer would like to flee, which it is our starting point