Eucalyptuses & Flowers

Olga Calado - Eucalypus Tree Trunks
Eucalypus Tree Trunks

Path of eucalyptuses oil painting. Beautiful colours and in the background, little path leading to the beach. La Jara.

Olga Calado - Eucalyptus Leaves
Eucalyptus Leaves

Eucalyptuses’ small path to the beach oil painting. Fresh air takes you there.

Eucalyptus Trunk Colors

Eucalyptus trunks oil painting. Low branches with leaves and multicolour dry ground, dry scrubs.

Olga Calado - Colours of the Eucalyptus Trunks and Dry Scrubs
Colours of the Eucalyptuses Trunks and Dry Scrubs

Eucalyptus oil painting. The ground appears more colourful as it gets drier.

Olga Calado - Green Gate
Green Gate

Vegetation in La Jara oil painting. Going towards the countryside, opposite direction from the beach.

Olga Calado - White Daisy Flower
White Daisy Flower

A blurred background oil painting. Detailed painting where white contains all colours.

Olga Calado - Fuchsias in the Window
Fuchsias in the Window

Fuchsias and foliage oil painting. Blue little flowers, lithodora diffusa in a London window flower pot.

Olga Calado - Three Rose Buds
Three Rose Buds

Pink rose oil painting. Thorny stems carrying roses

Olga Calado - London Petunias Basket
London Petunias Basket

Petunias fuchsias in London. A hanging ornament in Mayfair.

Olga Calado - Red Roses
Red Roses

Red roses oil painting, from specially planted rose bushes in St. James’s Park, London.