Dunes & Beaches

Olga Calado - La Jara
La Jara

Beach sand dune oil painting “La Jara”. Ecosystem with numerous vegetation close to the seaside.

Olga Calado - Two beach huts
Two beach huts

Years ago there were many huts on Sanlúcar’s beach. These two huts were left deserted after summer.

Olga Calado - Seagulls

An area called “The Castle”, there was a castle at the edge of the terrain, it divided Sanlucar beach from La Jara.

Olga Calado - Solitary boat
Solitary boat

Sand dunes in Sanlúcar oil painting, deserted beach after summer, dry sand with plants as people are not stepping in it. The kind of cirriform clouds tell us it is winter.

Olga Calado - Walking through the Dunes
Walking through the Dunes

Sand dunes in the Coto de Doñana oil painting. Sanlúcar is in the background.

Olga Calado - Summer Sand Dunes
Summer Sand Dunes

Sand dunes and Guadalquivir river oil painting. Coto de Doñana.

Olga Calado - Sand Dunes and Clouds
Sand Dunes and Clouds

Sand Dunes and Guadalquivir river oil painting. Coto de Doñana

Olga Calado - Cloudy Dunes
Cloudy Dunes

Beach sand dunes oil painting, when the river meets the Atlantic ocean.

Olga Calado - Moistened Dunes
Moistened Dunes

Sand dunes and ocean oil painting. In winter the grasslands turn brown.

Olga Calado - Dunes in Blue
Dunes in Blue

Winter sand dunes oil painting. This zone in winter is a mysterious space. The river never ever shows the same colour.