Olga Calado-Moreno

Olga Calado - Lech Walesa portrait
Lech Walesa portrait by Olga Calado, presented to him at Fairfield Halls, Croydon, UK.

Olga Calado-Moreno is an artist born in Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Spain. This geographical area is part of what is called “entorno Doñana”. It is a protected natural space, which influenced Olga’s awareness of nature and pleasure for the beautiful scenery. This passion, soon began to translate into the development of her art practice, pictures of oil painting on canvases.

It was when finding technical problems with blue pigments, that she consulted with professors of the School of Fine Arts of Seville; following his advice and suggestions, led her to learn all the artisanal part of the painting techniques of the Old Masters.

Olga, in her early years had a magnificent training with Professor Don Policarpio Domínguez de Guzmán, professor emeritus at the Institute of his hometown, with whom she learned drawing, perspective and volume techniques, as well as the complexity of the composition of the colours.

After exploring multiple themes including still life and portrait, Olga opted for what has been her greatest interest and in which she persists now: the sand dune landscape.

While in Spain, she spent years participating in collective and solo exhibitions. In this way, her paintings are found in numerous private collections.

It should be noted that she was selected as a finalist and exhibited her painting at the XXV National Painting Contest in Jerez. She was invited as a member of the committee of her province to the “Expresión” Art Congress, organized by the Superior School of Fine Arts of Algeciras, southern Spain.

However, she has spent an important part of her life in the United Kingdom, where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters in Humanities. Then, she has worked in the field of art galleries and museums, as well as in public relations. Olga currently lives and works in London.

While still only a few months in the United Kingdom, Olga was commissioned to paint the portrait of the former president of Poland, Lech Walesa.  Also, she signed a representation contract with an on-line international gallery to sell images of some of her work.

Although she never stopped being an artist, she is now exhibiting her art again: coming to terms with city brick landscapes, since invited by TATE MODERN in London for the Inside Job Collective exhibition, Staff Biennale Exhibition 2019.