Paintings of Beaches of Sand Dunes

Natural of: Sanlúcar de Barrameda. Beaches of Sand Dunes

Olga Calado is a canvas painting artist of sand dunes beaches. She was born in Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Spain. Thus, Olga Calado lived part of her youth in this geographical place called “Entorno Doñana”. “Entorno Doñana” is a protected natural space that surrounds the “Doñana National Park” in Spain. Hence, the beautiful geographical environment, influenced Olga,s awareness about land and nature. Then, soon, she began to reflect it on to her canvases. Meaning, Olga became the artist for paintings of beaches of sand dunes, of the “Coto Doñana” and the sand dunes beaches that surround the National Park, in her hometown.

Artistic training: City of Sanlúcar de Barrameda: “Entorno Doñana” of Sand Dunes

Olga Calado had a complete training in technical drawing, perspective and volume techniques. As well, she trained in the complexity of the composition of the colours. The artist studied under the tutelage of Professor Don Policarpo Domínguez de Guzmán. Her tutor was emeritus professor at the Educational Institute of her hometown.

City of Seville

Self-taught oil painter, she encounters some technical difficulties. One example is the correct use of some blue pigments. However, the artist seeks the advice of the team of professors from the School of Fine Arts in Seville. By this way, Olga finds the technical solutions she needed. Also, she gets to learn all the artisanal part of the Old Masters painting techniques. Because of the technical knowledge, put into practice for many years, makes Olga Calado come to the mastery of the Old Masters techniques. Her practice, demonstrated by the numerous exhibitions she held, is described on her CV. Her exhibitions are mainly focused on the theme of beaches of sand dune landscapes from her natural environment those years.

Recognition: “Girl running along the sand dunes in the beach of the Coto Doñana”

Olga’s technical specialization, led her to be finalist in the XXV National Painting Contest of Jerez (Spain). The awarded painting is “Girl running along the sand dunes in the beach of the Coto Doñana”. Thus, she became member of the Art Commission representing her province for the First Regional Congress of Art, “Expression”. The Congress, organized by the School Superior of Fine Arts, was held in Algeciras (Spain); it featured a Regional Art Exhibition in which Olga was a participant as well.

Life in London, commissioned paintings

The artist has spent most of her life in the UK, London. Olga Calado has worked in the cultural field of public relations (Embassy of Spain in London), art galleries (CAMA Gallery) and museums (TATE). However, she continues her artistic practice with private commissions. Noteworthy, is the private commission for the portrait of Lech Walesa (former President of Poland), in connection with the former president’s visit to London.

TATE MODERN Exhibition: “Sand Dunes in Motion”

Olga Calado has exhibited at the galleries of the museum TATE MODERN for “Inside Job Collective, Staff Biennale Exhibition 2019”. Her project for that occasion is the triptych “Dunes in Motion”. The triptych represents the particular natural processes of sand dunes; their effects on other ecological systems, like the pine forest. It is showcasing the transformative landscapes of the “Coto de Doñana”. This is a work of art which is part of the descriptive or representative style within the Ecological Art Movement.

Paddington Works Exhibition: “Hidden (Sand Dunes) Nature”

Olga lives and works in London, her artistic practice focuses on paintings of sand dunes seascapes. Sometimes, she adapts her style to urban landscapes as well; like the natural landscapes shown through bricks or stone arches. The artist adds to her natural practiced theme, the urban nature. Style that Olga developed for her Exhibition at Paddington Works, London, “Broken / Hidden Nature”, in January 2020.


Olga Calado is a creator of images with the purpose of raising awareness about our natural world and its fragility. Thus, her style is evolving towards an ecological-urban art of nature and cityscapes. By this way, her intention is to bring the ecological movement closer to art and urban expression. Consequently, reaches the viewer, stimulating dialogue within their memories of nature from childhood. Certainly, landscape, nature through the urban window is Olga Calado’s current artistic expression.

Last Exhibitions, “Landscape” at The Brick Lane Gallery” February 2022, London and “Love and Loss” at Tate Modern (Inside Job Collective Biennale) March 2022, London.